The BEST paleo cashew curry- a quick and easy blender sauce with so much flavor and made with simple ingredients.

The blender cashew curry is gluten free, soy free, vegan, and refined sugar free. It’s a healthy, warming, delicious curry sauce that takes any meal to the next level!

The perfect cozy sauce to pair with any protein, veggies, and/or grains.

  • I love serving this Thai-inspired curry sauce with:
  • Jasmine rice, broccoli, and chicken or tofu
  • Brown rice noodles, shrimp or tofu, and steamed veggies
  • Cauliflower rice, salmon, and veggies

So good, and the combo options are endless! It’s versatile and so flavorful.

You just toss everything in a blender and you’re set! As long as you have a high speed blender, you won’t even need to soak your cashews 🙂 I use my Vitamix for this, the model I have linked here.

I love a 20 minute meal that feels super fancy and restaurant quality, and this is definitely one of those 🙂

This is an oldie from my old site that so many of you have been asking me to get on the site, and it’s FINALLY here. I have no idea what took me so long- I truly LOVE this recipe when I’m craving a good curry.

Let me know what you think below if you make this one! 🙂 xo

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Easy Cashew Curry

  • Author: Mia Zarlengo
  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Total Time: 10 minutes
  • Yield: 6-8 servings


Easy Thai-inspired cashew red curry! A simple paleo and vegan blender sauce! 


  • 1 can full fat coconut milk ⠀
  • 1 cup raw cashews OR peanuts ⠀
  • 1-3 tbsp red Thai curry paste (depending how strong of a curry flavor you like)
  • 2 tbsp gluten free soy sauce OR coconut aminos ⠀
  • 2 tbsp rice vinegar ⠀
  • 2 tbsp coconut sugar (optional)
  • 1 tbsp sesame oil ⠀
  • 2 tsp sriracha (add more if you like it spicy)⠀
  • Juice of 1 lime ⠀
  • 1/4 tsp ground ginger ⠀
  • Pinch of red pepper flakes ⠀
  • Sea salt, to taste 


  1. Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth.
  2. Serve with your favorite protein, veggies, and/or grains. Store leftovers in an airtight container for up to 5 days, or in the freezer for up to 2 months. 

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Apr 15, 2020

The Best Paleo Cashew Curry (gluten free, vegan)

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  1. Lindsey Carpenter says:

    Hi, looks amazing! For quarantine method (aka working what i have in the pantry), could you use a curry powder as substitution for the red curry paste? Thanks!

  2. Dida says:

    Hey! I have a question. Do we have to soak the cashews or peanuts before blending them together with the rest of the ingredients? Thank you! I really want to make this easy curry! <3

    • Mia Zarlengo says:

      hi! the blog post explains what type of blender i use, for me personally i don’t need to soak them! but it depends on your blender!

      • Brittany says:

        I soaked mine just to be safe. Even tho i have a really good blender, soaking makes it easier on the blades. 🙂

  3. Amber says:

    5 Stars. Hands down. SO GOOD! Made it for the first time and it’s the most amazing sauce!! I love that it’s adaptable for different proteins and veggies and bases AND that it makes a lot for leftovers and other meals. I was so nervous, because the spicy almond butter sauce is my GO TO. But… wow. I found a new favorite and my family and friends are even in love!!

  4. Sasha Fraser says:

    Hi! Can we use roasted cashews?

  5. Ashten says:

    DELICIOUS!! I didn’t have a lime, but it still turned out amazing! Everyone in my family loved it and went spent dinner debating if we like your orange chicken or this curry more!

  6. Danielle says:

    AMAZING recipe! So easy, comforting, and incredibly indulgent tasting! I made it for myself and a girlfriend who was having a rather down day. After the first bite, we both couldn’t stop raving! Absolutely delicious, and will definitely be something I’m making often!

  7. Angie says:

    Could I use ginger paste?

    • Mia Zarlengo says:

      Yes! You just may need to play around with the amount you use so that it isn’t too overpowering.

  8. jill says:

    This curry sauce is SO easy and SO SO good! Made it with noodles and sautéed veggies – will be making this on the regular!

  9. Dana says:

    So easy, I like thinks spicy so I doubled the chili paste and the sriracha and ended up adding more sriracha on top, but this was so yummy and is a great addition to jazz up a meal 🙂

  10. Gisela says:

    Amazing recipe, super duper easy , perfect mix to satisfy your Thai tooth, so adaptable for you to add any kindness of protein. Added as an all time favorite !

  11. Josiah says:

    Incredibly easy // healthy alternative and at no sacrifice to taste. This is some of the best curry I’ve ever had!

  12. Claire says:

    This sauce is SO good I have some leftover waiting in my freezer and I can’t wait to use it again 🙂

  13. Kelly says:

    The best!! I always make 2 batches and freeze one. Also you can eat the leftovers with a spoon… that. Good.

  14. Madeleine says:

    This sauce is the REAL DEAL. (I licked the spoon I used to make it before loading the dishwasher…). I’ve topped so many dishes with this now and it’s excellent! I used some sweet coconut cashews (Trader Joe’s) that I had handy so I cut back on the additional sugar, and I left out the sesame oil. Tastes amazing!

  15. Kelly says:

    So good and couldn’t be any easier! Definitely one of my favorite recipes I’ve made from your site – thank you!

  16. Chelsea says:

    This sauce is amazing!!! We used an immersion blender and it worked out perfectly ???? such an easy weeknight staple!!

  17. Jamie Y says:

    I absolutely loved how easy this was to make on a day that I didn’t feel like doing any chopping. I just threw 2 cups of jasmine rice in the Instant Pot and had a bag of stir fry veggies to pair. Ended up with more sauce, so 3 cups of jasmine rice was probably better…and 2 bags of stir fry veggies. Delicious and totally obsessed!

  18. Erica says:

    Really delicious and creamy. Personally will add some extra spice next time for an extra kick! Had mine with some pad thai rice noodles.

  19. Saba says:

    This was such an easy but flavorful recipe to make! Drop everything into your blender and use in SO many different settings. I made it in bulk and stored it in my fridge. Used on top of rice, chicken, and veggies. And tossed into a rice noodle veggie stir fry.

  20. Jessie says:

    FAN.TAST.IC. seriously this is so good I’ve been craving it ever since we last made it. Putting it over pad Thai noodles tonight with shrimp. Love how versatile it is and is jam packed with delicious flavor. Way to go Mia!

  21. Miranda says:

    I could literally eat this every night!! I put it over rice, roasted chickpeas and artichokes and it’s amazing!

  22. Tori says:

    Soooo good! Seriously the best. We make this almost weekly. It’s incredibly versatile and so flavorful. Most of the time I have all the ingredients on hand too! Our favorite way to to have this is over chicken, broccoli, peas, sweet potatoes, and rice ????

  23. Sarah says:

    OMG this sauce is sooo good I want to put it on everything. This is going to be a new staple. It is so quick and easy to make, YUM!!!

  24. Jackie says:

    To me, curry always seemed like an intimidating dish that takes a lot of time and energy but this was so easy and delicious. I soaked my cashes in almost boiling water for 20-30 minutes before blending and was totally smooth in a Ninja bullet blender. Omitted the sugar and worked for my taste. I am low heat tolerance (jalapeño is too hot level), and so was nervous about it being too spicy but the (Thai Kitchen) red curry paste I used was not spicy at all so could adjust it to have some heat with my preference of sriracha which was great. Served over jasmine rice, chickpeas, and baked tofu and a mason jar was perfect for storing anything leftover. Will for sure be making this a winter staple.

  25. Lauren says:

    This sauce is amazing!!! I used a little oat milk instead of coconut because of a coconut allergy and it worked fine. Do you think it would be bad to eat on the 6th day?? I have a little left and would like to use it without freezing!

  26. Meg B says:

    Made this tonight for dinner over some sautéed broccoli and celery with brown rice, and WOWZA, it does not disappoint. So simple, big flavors, and total comfort/cozy on a freezing night in Chicago. I feel like it would also be a great summer recipe over some zoodles, will definitely be a staple in my rotation.

  27. Carley says:

    LOVE this curry! I added some garlic to the recipe and it’s perfection. So much flavor with chicken thighs and broccoli!

  28. Hannah says:

    This was so good- and super quick! I put it on some udon noodles with a side of veggies. Very good!

  29. Yar says:

    SO DELICIOUS. Made it last night with the pad thai brown rice noodles, broccoli, mushrooms and carrots and it was a 10/10 meal. Can’t wait to try it out with other food combos!

  30. Mabelle says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if this would work without the coconut sugar? Looking forward to trying!;)

  31. Allie says:

    I’m about to make this!! How many ounces in the can of coconut milk?

  32. Sarah says:

    Can’t count the number of times I’ve made this. I’d eat the sauce by itself. Period.

  33. Hayley says:

    So amazing!

  34. Suzie says:

    This curry is my absolute favorite! I honestly prefer it over take-out! It is super easy and has minimal clean-up. My go-to is to put it over some crispy air-fried tofu and jasmine rice. Highly highly recommend it!

  35. Maddie says:

    So easy and delish – this is exactly the flavor I was hoping for. Served with sautéed cabbage, cauliflower and spinach over jasmine rice and it was so good. Super easy to customize and serve how you want! This will definitely make its way into our dinner rotation thanks Mia!

  36. Meg says:

    WOW! I used to be too intimidated to make Thai/Asian food because I wasn’t super familiar with the ingredients, but this recipe has changed my mind. Very simple, amazing flavor, and goes great with anything! I’ve been looking forward to my lunches all week now that I have this sauce prepped in the fridge.. will definitely be making this one again!

  37. Anna Grace Sansing says:

    Omg this is so tasty! So creamy! I had this sauce with noodles and honey garlic chicken. Amazing! Will absolutely be making this again in the future!

  38. Kierstin L Wilson says:

    Yes, good job Mia this is so good and feels good to eat! I subbed peanut butter for the peanuts and coconut sugar and it turned out great. My husband says he hasn’t seen me go back for seconds since we got married. 🙂

  39. Isla says:

    This came out Delicious 😋 will be adding this to the rotation.

  40. Jaclyn Gordon says:

    I love making this sauce for noodles, veggies, or even a salad dressing! What I love is that it is flavorful AND nutritious, Mia always kills those departments! Thank you!! 🙂

  41. Kellen says:

    This is my go to easy curry sauce! Saves me when I want a super quick dinner.

  42. Nancy B. says:

    This recipe is delicious and so easy. Paired it with chicken, broccoli, carrots, and shiratake miracle noodles and it was a great dinner. Would definitely make this again.

  43. Ali says:

    I love this recipe so much! It’s so versatile and tasty, I make it at least once a month.

  44. Caitlin says:

    What kind of gf noodles do you like best?? Thanks!!

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