After months of promising some of you this blog post, I’m finally sharing my hair tips and tricks! I am no expert, but I have found what works great for me and I’m excited to share!

In December of 2018 I chopped my hair pretty short (for me at least), and I have been on a mission to keep it long and strong ever since (I just prefer my hair long).

My hair is super thick and curly/frizzy, so I do have to style it if I want it to look like the image above! But, I’ve found some ways to keep it healthy and undamaged along the way. I hope you find this helpful! xo

First Up: My Favorite Products!

Ouai Repair Shampoo + Conditioner This line smells so good and has really helped the texture of my hair. My hair stylist noticed right away when I switched to these products! (The shampoo is hard to get your hands on right now, but the conditioner is in stock!)

Briogeo Scalp Revival Shampoo I use this when I experience any product build up (this happens to me more often in the winter when my hair and scalp are dry). It really helps to exfoliate the scalp!

Olaplex Hair Mask I use this a couple times a month. The directions say to leave in for 10 minutes, but I actually wear it as an overnight or 24 hour hair mask! It helps to keep my ends strong and my hair smooth.

Moroccanoil Treatment I use this every day after I shower for soft and shiny hair! This is what I use before I blow-dry as well (I haven’t found a heat protector that I love but I’m on the hunt).

Moroccanoil Curl Cream This is my favorite for when I wear my natural curls! I use some of the oil and then apply this cream for softer, less frizzy curls.

DryBar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush I’m actually waiting for mine to come in the mail and I cannot wait!! I used my sister’s a couple times and fell in love. I love the soft waves and shine I’m able to get from this. I’m not great at doing my hair, and this is easy to use!

Healthy Hair Tips and Tricks!

  1. Use as little heat as possible! I style my hair 1 or 2 times per week maximum- the other days I just let it be. Even if I lose some of the curl, I don’t mind. When it starts to get really sad looking, I just throw it in a pony tail! Minimizing heat on my hair is the number 1 thing that has prevented dry, damaged ends for me!
  2. I only wash my hair as needed, usually 2 times per week. Again, I have extremely thick hair so it takes a lot for it to look greasy. This may be different for finer hair, but it works for me.
  3. Embrace your natural hair! I try to leave my hair be every once in awhile, especially on a chill weekend where I’m not seeing anyone. I let it air dry and just be!
  4. Monthly product detoxes. Once a month, after a good shampoo and conditioner, I brush it out and leave it without products for a day or 2. This helps my hair to just breathe and get rid of any product build up.
  5. A healthy diet matters! Yes, the food you eat can effect the look of your hair! High quality protein (organic animal products, plant-based protein powder, and legumes), along with a diet rich in healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts and seeds) help my hair to grow long and strong.

That’s it! Nothing crazy or complex, just some simple tricks and a handful of products that have truly worked for me. My hair is definitely the healthiest it’s been in years after some patience and trial and error. I’ve found my routine and my go-to products, and for now I’m sticking to it! I hope this was helpful! xo

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Apr 28, 2020

My Hair Tips + Fave Products

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