winter cheeseboard with rosemary and ribbon garnish

How to: build an epic winter cheeseboard and win all your guests over! In my opinion, the absolute best appetizer to impress your guests (and get them well fed!)

I love to load up my cheeseboards with a little something for everyone. Meaning, theres something for the gluten free family member, the paleo friend, or your vegan/vegetarian guest! Sharing below how I choose what to fill my charcuterie boards with for all of your winter/holiday parties!

winter cheeseboard with rosemary and ribbon garnish
winter cheeseboard with rosemary and ribbon garnish and glasses of red wine

Step 1: Choose your cheeses

Choose 3-4 cheeses. I like to choose 1-2 hard cheeses (I chose a cheddar and a truffle cheese here), 1 soft cheese (like goat cheese or brie), and 1 vegan option. If you choose a vegan option made with nuts, I recommend labeling with little toothpick flags incase anyone has an allergy!

Make one of the cheeses fun/festive! I did a truffle cheese here, but I also love to do one speckled with cranberries for a festive look and flavor!

Step 2: Choose your meats

Note, you could always leave out the meats if a lot of your guests are vegetarian, but I love to have some high quality deli meats on my boards! I opt for grass fed meats (more expensive, but worth it for processed meats).

Choose 2-3 meats. I love a mix of pepperoni or another spicy meat, salami, and prosciutto!

To make your board look fancy, roll your prosciutto and fold your salami/pepperoni pieces. Lean the meats against a hard cheese to help keep their folded shape. Scatter the meats in different sections of the board for aesthetic purposes!

Step 3: Choose your crackers or bread

Opt for at least 1 gluten free version, and 1 regular. If you have guests with celiac or anyone who specifically requests gluten free, then make 1 small separate board with the gluten free crackers. Or, you could always choose 2 gluten free crackers to play it safe.

I like to choose .1 round and 1 square shape cracker. Sliced crostini bread always adds a fun element!

Step 4: Choose some fruits

For a pop of color and a fresh taste to pair with the meats and cheeses, add some winter fruits. I love pomegranates, slices apples or pears, cranberry sauce, or a fresh jam. You could always add a mix of 2 or 3 of these choices!

Bonus items:

  • Honey
  • Nuts (Marcona almonds, seasoned cashews, or candied walnuts are great choices)
  • Dried fruit (dried apricots are delish on a cheese board!)
  • Rosemary or thyme sprigs for a pretty garnish

Have fun with your charcuterie boards! The more loaded, the better it looks. Play around with any items you like. It’s hard to go wrong with a cheeseboard! Also, don’t forget some good wine for pairing 😉

Happy holidays everyone! Wishing you safe, peaceful, and celebrations days filled with family and friends! xo

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Dec 23, 2019

Epic Winter Cheeseboard

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